Busitema University Admissions 2018 – 2019

By | April 4, 2016

Busitema University Admissions 2018 – 2019

Busitema University Diploma Entry Admissions 2018 – 2019

Busitema University Undergraduate Admissions 2018 – 2019

Busitema University Postgraduate Admissions 2018 – 2019

Busitema University Fees Structure

Busitema University Cut Off Points

Busitema University Application Forms 2018 – 2019

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66 thoughts on “Busitema University Admissions 2018 – 2019

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  2. Bwenje paul

    please indicate for us the deadline for busitema private admission for 2016/2017. thanks.

  3. bismarc Post author

    Bwenje, the deadline for busitema private admissions 2016/2017 was on the 16th of May.

  4. Bulemu

    how many intakes does the university offer?

  5. nabugolola fatuma

    When will the private students list for Busitema university be out

  6. bismarc Post author

    Between the periods of June – July

  7. Shione Eminai

    I want to know whether all students admitted to busitema university mbale branch faculty of health sciences must live in their hostel or not

  8. bismarc Post author

    No Shione, its not compulsory to live in the hostel.

  9. Shione Eminai

    What does government cater for to students enrolled on government sponsorship

  10. joel william

    when are the private admission lists getting out

  11. bismarc Post author

    The private admission lists are expected anywhere between june and July.

  12. Wannyana Babrah

    Am sorry but I didn’t see the list of students admitted on government merit at Busitema university can I gain access to these lists?? If so how? Were they published in any newspaper?

  13. olimi Richard

    I’m Olimi Richard I applied for DAG on government but I had an advanced certificate from Uganda technical college kichwamba in agricultural
    engineering in 20
    11.but I’m not well informed on how I can get admitted and on which scheme? help me please.

  14. olimi Richard

    hello.I applied for DAG on government with a certificate of UNEB in agricultural engineering and mechanics from Uganda technical college kichwamba in 2011. I passed well with a credit.how do you advise on applying again if they don’t admitted me.

  15. bismarc Post author

    Richard, if you are 25 or above, then a mature entrance is advised. You may also apply under the certificate/ diploma entry scheme.

  16. olimi Richard

    thanks for your advice. I’ll try that once they call for admission again.


    Does Bustema university offer government sponsership for mining engineering under diploma entry sheme?

  18. sebwami paul

    i want to know when those on govt merit are to pick admission forms

  19. Asiku francis

    Im Asiku francis,i would like to know the expectant date/month for public universities admission forms.

  20. bismarc Post author

    Admission forms for the 2017 / 2018 academic year will be issued during the first quarter of 2017.

  21. bismarc Post author

    Paul, the admission letters are already out, and can be picked from the registrars office.


    Iam Natsami Godfrey.i applied 4 DAP have i been considerd.

  23. Fatuma

    Hello does Busitema university offer diploma in clinical officer?

  24. Fatuma

    Are there chances for one with 11points BCM to be given medicine on private ?

  25. asiku francis

    what is the deadline for picking gorverment admission letters for the year 2016/2017-busitema and tell me the date of enrolment

  26. bismarc Post author

    Francis, there is currently no stipulated deadline, however you are advised to pick your admission letter as soon as possible. Date of enrollment is contained in the admission letter.

  27. bismarc Post author

    Yes Fatuma, however its going to be competitive. Say a 35 – 40 % chance.

  28. bismarc Post author

    No Fatuma, Busitema University currently doesnt offer diploma in clinical officer.

  29. bismarc Post author

    Godfrey , you must go through the list of shortlisted students to confirm your admission status.

  30. ssemwanga Hakim

    Have you released admission list of diploma entry scheme on government sponsorship? if yes I need to look at it. Can you please post it on the website thanks.

  31. Asiku francis

    Hello,dear helper,is it true that every student /entrant whether private or government sponshered gets a free laptop when joining(Busitema)?.

  32. Amon

    I would like to know the procedures that one can follow when admitted under government sponsorship by district quota.

  33. Amon

    my name appeared on the list of government sponsored students under the district quota scheme and since then i have not taken any action and am stranded, i do not know what to do next… please help me!!

  34. bismarc Post author

    Amon , simply visit the registrars office of the university under which you gained admission. And pick your admission letter. Day of lectures shall be communicated to you.

  35. Fatuma

    Hello I am Fatuma can I apply for a degree course in medicine at Busitema university immediately I finish my diploma in clinical medicine or I have to go for service first?

  36. Opolot Denis

    Dear respondent, When will private admission lists be isued out for 2016/2017. ?

  37. Bwire Daniel

    I would like to know when the admission list will be out for those admitted on private sponsorship, and the time with which they have to collected. Thanks

  38. Bwire Daniel

    I would like to know when the admission list will be out for those admitted on private sponsorship, and the time within which they have to be collected. Thanks

  39. bismarc Post author

    Daniel , the Busitema University Private Admission List are expected to be released early this month. Admission letters shall be ready following a maximum of 1 week after results have been released.

  40. bismarc Post author

    Dennis, the Admission lists are expected this week, maximum next week, we shall notify you upon release.

  41. Ivan

    Do I Have A Chance Of Getting Admitted 4 Medicine On Private Wth 13pts PCB b’se thats the only course that i applied

  42. moses

    which district is busitema university main campus found?

  43. bismarc Post author

    The main campus is located at Busitema, formally the National College of Agricultural Mechanization, along Jinja- Tororo highway, 25kms South West of Tororo Municipality and 200kms East of Kampala, while the Nagongera campus is located along Nagongera- Busolwe road, about 21kms from Tororo Municipality. Arapai campus is located along Moroto road, about 10kms from Soroti Town, Namasagali campus is located along Namasagali road, about 27kms from Kamuli Town, Mbale Campus is located in Mbale town at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital and Pallisa Campus is located 20kms along Trinyi- Pallisa road. Kaliro campus which is yet to be operational is located at National Teacher’s College, Kaliro, in Kaliro town

  44. bismarc Post author

    Yes Ivan you stand a chance of admission on private sponsorship. You should however know that the competitiveness of admissions depends on the general performance of applicants, so this may vary. All the best.

  45. Setimba micheal

    is the private admission list for busitema and Gulu university out already?

  46. wepondi joel.w

    am sorry but i would like to know whether the pravite admission lists are out for the academic year 2016/2017 cause i applied for DAP as my first choice if so send me the link to which i can get the shortlisted names of busitema pravite admitted students

  47. frank

    what does it mean not to be in the provisional list

  48. bismarc Post author

    Frank, a provisional list is simply an incomplete list. So there are more lists to come. All the best.

  49. Ivan

    Are There Names That Are Going To Be Added For Medicine Or The 19 Are Enough B’se U Said This One Is Provisional

  50. setimba micheal

    thanx I gat DAT

    how about for Gulu?

  51. bismarc Post author

    The Government universities release their admission lists within the same time frame. So expect the Gulu University Admission lists within the same period.

  52. frank

    it excludes direct entry ,now where is ours for direct entry

  53. tiribuza anndrew

    hello has kyambogo released its list for pr ivate if yes send m dat link

  54. bismarc Post author

    Yes Godfrey, the names of shortlisted students are posted on the notice board of the various campuses.

  55. bismarc Post author

    Andrew, Kyambogo University Hasnt released its list of Admitted students.

  56. Fatuma

    Hi I am Fatuma.I would like to know if it is possible for me to join Busitema university for medicine immediately I complete a diploma and pass.or it requires one to go for service before joining

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