Kyambogo University Admissions 2018 – 2019 KYU Admissions

By | April 4, 2016

Kyambogo University Admissions 2018 – 2019

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Kyambogo University Undergraduate Admissions 2018 – 2019


Admission Lists For Universities in Uganda

1 Information on specific admission requirements for all programmes is contained in the general information brochure on admissions O’ and A’level entry scheme 2 The University reserves the right to revise fees.

3 Indicated fees relate to tuition only and exclude other administrative charges whose details can be viewed in the general information in the Brochure on admission of

4 Applicants should fill and submit the forms online from the website:

5 Use the programme codes (not full names of programmes) when filling application forms.

6 Applicants who wish to apply for certificate programme must fill separate forms.

7 Application forms and general information on admission requirements are also available on the University website.

8 Submit O’ and A’level result slips or testimonials or certificates and a copy of the birth certificate to Admissions Ofice Room 3 Block 2

9 Do not buy any other documents not originating from the office of the Academic Registrar. Those who buy do so at their own risk.

10 The Academic Registrar has not appointed any agents to act on her behalf to solicit for additional funds other than the application fee stated above. 11 All enquiries should be addressed to the ACADEMIC REGISTRAR at the above address.

Rose G. Bwire (Mrs.)

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171 thoughts on “Kyambogo University Admissions 2018 – 2019 KYU Admissions


    when are u starting to admit students on private


    I would like to know when will diploma scheme list – KYU 2016/2017 be out? THANK U

  3. bismarc Post author

    The Diploma Scheme List of KYU is released between the periods of June – July. The list will be published here. So kindly check back.

  4. Bumpi jacqueline

    Are degree private admissions out already,(educ)?if so,where can i pick the applctn forms and at what cost?thanks

  5. bismarc Post author

    Private admissions are already in progress

  6. mwakuno mishele

    I wound like to know the available engineering courses and their cut off points plus tuition per semister for each course. And deadline date for private application.

  7. kyomugasho monica

    Hello,is it true tht diploma entry government sponsorship 2016/2017 admission list is out?thx 4 d response

  8. mukasa micheal

    Has the govt Diploma entry list 2016/17 been released?. Can’t seem to find it. Thx

  9. mukasa micheal

    The lists on that link are for direct entry and I was inquiring about diploma entry. Thank u

  10. mukasa micheal

    I seem to access only direct entry lists not diploma entry like I thought. Thank you

  11. Olanya Thomas

    When is the date line for the direct private students and when are the lists for government students be out for those who apllied through diploma entry-level

  12. Mukasa Joy

    I got a govt sponsorship bt i dont know when to pick my admission letter plus other documents. Please help out


    I would like to know from you weather deadline day is also for submission of application fee or not because submited form now am left with submission of application it possible for me to pay my fee after the d-day?

  14. ashiraf

    is the government loan scheme entry form released?

  15. bismarc Post author

    Adriko, forms are processed once the application fee has been paid. It is therefore advised that payments are made before the deadline, in order to guarantee the processing of the application.

  16. bismarc Post author

    Mukasa, you can pick your admission letter at the office. Letters are made available following the release of the results and are to be collected once youve confirmed your admission status.Deadlines do not apply, however, taking too long may create complications.

  17. bismarc Post author

    Mukasa, government sponsored diploma entry lists has not been released. Kindly subscribe to our free email feeds to stay updated.

  18. bismarc Post author

    The deadline is 5th June 2016 12:00 am (midnight). The list for government sponsored diploma entry will be released between the periods of june-july. Kindly subscribe to our free email feeds to stay updated.

  19. john warren

    today being asunday,no banks opening,deadline at midnight,wat does that mean,whats your intension of making sunday midnight deadline,many were hoping to pay the application fee latest tommorrow monday,waiting for your response,thanks in advance

  20. Kyomugasho monica

    I meant those who already hav diploma n applied fo degree under government sponsorship

  21. mukasa amiisi

    iwould like 2 no when de admissions for up graders who applied in feb is gona be release.

  22. bismarc Post author

    Mukasa, Kyambogo university is most likely to release its admissions list by june-july. You will receive an email notification once its available (if you are already subscribed)


    When will the govt admission list and private list for diploma entry be released thank you

  24. bismarc Post author

    Kamugisha, the the diploma admission lists are expected to be released between june and july. You will be notified once released. (if you are subscribed)

  25. gabby

    any rooms available for applying after deadline day

  26. bismarc Post author

    Kyambogo University hasnt officially announced an extended period. However it is advised that you contact the registrars office for details.

  27. bismarc Post author

    You can contact the registrar on the following contacts and address
    Located East End Administration Block, 2nd Floor Kyambogo Uganda
    0414 – 285 037
    0414 – 285 037

  28. bismarc Post author

    It is unlikely. Contacting the office is the only option you have now. considering admissions closed on the 5th of June.

  29. bismarc Post author

    The List is expected to be released between the periods of June – July.

  30. cleophas

    i want to apply bt it seems the deadline past. wat can i do?

  31. joram

    What are the cutoff points for all degree programs on private sponsorship

  32. bismarc Post author

    Unfortunately you will have to await the next intake. You may also apply provided Kyambogo announces a re-application or advert, which will depend on the number of students admitted this year.





  35. owori fred

    Can a student who sat uace 6yrs ago be admitted for adiploma course.And is there room for late application?

  36. bismarc Post author

    Yes Owori, you can be admitted for a diploma course. Late application varies for every academic year, Kyambogo hasnt announced any re-applications as of now.

  37. owori fred

    Thank you sir,hope I will be notified on any dev’t

  38. bismarc Post author

    Yes you will. Subscribe to the free email service.


    I applied for diploma entry private,is the list of those selected out or not yet?

  40. bismarc Post author

    No Lubanga, the private admission list hasnt been released. Subscribe to the free email service to receive updates on the admission list.


    if i sat uace three years ago and i apply for a bachelors can i be admitted on private

  42. Sseremba Timothy

    Please are the government diploma cutoff points 2016/2017 out and how can I access them,thank you

  43. oyesigye

    are there any chances of re-applications or advert this year?

  44. Keith

    Hello,i would like to join kyambogo university for industrial art.But then i got a B in art and got O in divinity and F in history,can i be admitted?

  45. Keith

    Can i be admitted for industrial art with a B in art??coz i got a B,O and F,can i be admitted

  46. Keith

    Hello; i would like to join kyambogo university for industrial art but then i got a B in art,O in divinity and F in history,can i be admitted?

  47. bismarc Post author

    Keith, an F in history will hinder your admission. History is a required course for the programme.

  48. bismarc Post author

    Oyesigye, it is currently unlikely.

  49. bismarc Post author

    Sseremba, the government diploma cutoff points for 2016/2017 are not out. It will be published here once released.

  50. Keith

    So can u advise me,because am rilly stack ,i don’t know wat to do


    I applied for agovernment schorlaship under the diploma entry scheme in february but incase i’m not one of those given on government will i be given on private using the same application form or i have to apply again for private separately.

  52. bismarc Post author

    You will have to apply separately for private admission.

  53. bismarc Post author

    Keith, polytechnics will ignore the F in history. But if you prefer to pursue a program at Kyambogo University, then you must consider a course that doesnt require history as a requirement, thus, your best three electives will be considered as an alternative.

  54. bismarc Post author

    You can, only at a polytechnic. A university will not ignore the F in History

  55. namugga deborah

    is there ajanuary intake for higher diploma in civil engineering?

  56. namugga deborah

    i have been on government for adiploma in civil at utc kichwamba.. how can i apply for highet diploma in civil on government scheme? I have a cgpa of 4.09

  57. patrick

    when are the diploma holder admissions lists under government scholarship be out?

  58. bismarc Post author

    Namugga, you can apply for a higher diploma, simply await the next intake, which should take place during the first quarter of 2017.

  59. Keith

    Thx alot,so can i go for a diploma and later come back to kyambogo for a degree??


    Hello,I’ve failed to complete filling in my forms online coz I did a certificate at YMCA COMPREHENSIVE INSTITUTE but I’ve paid 4 application fee which is indicating my names without my copies of O’LEVEL Result and that CERTIFICATE of YMCA COMP.INSTI K’LA BRANCH.What can I do to complete it and join August intake of 2016/2017.Thanks


    Hello,I have been applying 4 Accounting&Finance Diploma prog. on 2/6/2016 but I did not complete filling in my form ONLINE with O’LEVEL & CERTIFICATE RESULT OF YMCA INST.WANDEGEYA K’LA BRANCH.Then i ve paid for it using Stanbic Bank, can that one affect me to join or I ve to presents the original copies of my Academic results at the CAMPUS.Thanx

  62. kakooza John Paul

    When is the list of applicates for courses at kyambogo unversity is out

  63. bismarc Post author

    Alfred, without the complete set of documents, your application will be rejected. Deadline for such rectifications is on the 24th of June.

  64. bismarc Post author

    If your application is successful, your name will be shortlisted. It shall be published here upon release.

  65. bismarc Post author

    Yes keith, that is completely allowed.

  66. bismarc Post author

    Paul, the list is expected anywhere within June to July.

  67. Leonard

    Hello my name is Leonard ,when is the admision list out?

  68. bismarc Post author

    The Admission list is expected between June – July

  69. passy kyomuhangi

    I wd like to know when the admissions list for diploma entry scheme govt sponsorship be out?

  70. Monica

    Is Bachelor of Education in languages also considered under d diploma scheme government sponsorship?

  71. bismarc Post author

    The admission Lists is expected between the periods of June – July.

  72. joe harzardih

    hlo i submitted my application with a birth certificate wc has adifferent month of birth from that i registered at O and A level. can this deny me a place??

  73. kajule eric

    hello i did submite my 0’level and A level results to kyu offices.shall i be addmited.

  74. bismarc Post author

    Kajule, That will be determined by the admissions board. All the best.

  75. Obed Edson Niwahereza

    i would like to know if gov’t sponsored students 2016/2017 have already started picking their admission letters. i am among them but so worried about when and how i can get my admission letter. thanks

  76. bismarc Post author

    Yes Obed, government students have already begun picking their admission letters, visit the academic registrars office to pick your letter.

  77. Nakitandwe Lilian

    why is it that whenever i try to log into my account, nothing is displayed for me?

  78. bismarc Post author

    Lilian, the online portal periodically experiences some technical errors. And is currently being addressed.

  79. kibuuka eric

    i did not submit my 0’level and A’level papers to the kyu offices after submitting my application it possible that i will be admitted.

  80. bwire fredrick

    man wen is d list coming out
    and wen I was feeling ur forms on line I saw some where Lk to write my result of a level only d index number my name en my sch nw it won’t affect me


    Hi,in the process of applying online they were asking me to only fill in space marked with red*,dats y i didnt put there copies of my academic documents so how can i be admitted at de campus…?if i ve my original copies of my academic results.

  82. bismarc Post author

    Alfred, if that was the situation, then you have nothing to worry about. The spots marked in red are the compulsory fields that need to be filled. If you filled them correctly then you have nothing to worry about. All the best.

  83. bismarc Post author

    Yes Eric, you stand a chance of gaining admission. All the best.

  84. bismarc Post author

    Fredrick, this wont affect your chances of admission, the forms filled online are tailored according to a number of factors hence may vary slightly from person to person. If you provided all the relevant data then you need not worry. All the best.

  85. Katiba Mathias

    I completed craft part 3/advanced last year 2015 and I want to join for a diploma this year 2016/17 intake, am I eligible to apply or if not when will I be eligible to apply. thanks


    Thanx,then how are we going to know that i have been short-listed at de campus…??

  87. bismarc Post author

    Alfred, you will receive an email notification regarding the released of the shortlisted students. You can then scroll through for your name. If present , then you must head to the registrars office for your admission letter.

  88. bismarc Post author

    Katiba, admissions are currently closed. You will have to await the next intake.

  89. waiswa brian

    if an error was made in filling in results on the computer but when u submitted in the hard copies can it be rectified

  90. Nancy Auma

    when is the list for the diploma certificate entry scheme being relaased

  91. Peter

    I applied under a diploma entry scheme (gov’t) but I completed my diploma in 2009.
    Will I be successiful ?

  92. peter

    hlo sir i aplied online on kyu bt wen i was filing in da form i neva saw any step where u fil in the a’level documents won’t it afect my admision

  93. bismarc Post author

    Peter, it is allowed to apply. Your success will be determined by the admissions board. All the best.

  94. bismarc Post author

    Michael, your name will be included in the list of shortlisted students if successful.

  95. bismarc Post author

    Yes Brian, it can be rectified.

  96. boniface ebong

    It’s July and my heart ain’t yet stable coz I need to see the diploma entry admission shortlist for private sponsorship at Muk and both private and government for Kyu. And it’s delaying so that I see what to do. Thanks.

  97. Caleb

    Can I please be given a clearer estimate of the date when the admission lists will be released

  98. Lilian

    what can i do incase i want to study under the government loan scheme?

  99. olalo

    well sir when are we expecting the diploma holders admissions list to be out?

  100. Masereka yesa kapuru

    please sir just forgive me i got the information let of missing information on my name and am very number
    148 on the list
    Masereka Yesa Kapuru
    districk is. Kasese

  101. Masereka yesa kapuru

    please ,which infomation am i supposed to submit in because my name appeared on those with missing information….Can you please send me an email to send them to you because am to far to submit them to you….And i dont want to miss my course dear help me


    Helo,how can I contact academic registrar…?

  103. moses

    I sat for A level 4yrs back but I got one principle pass in art the rest subsidiary passes in bio chem geography which course can I be offered at kyambogo

  104. bismarc Post author

    Olalo , the lists are expected to be released early this month.

  105. bismarc Post author

    Ebong, the list once released will be published here. And we shall do well to notify you.

  106. bismarc Post author

    Caled, this is not possible. However we are certain the list will be released early this month of july.

  107. bismarc Post author

    Its Unfortunate Masereka . The deadline is overdue.

  108. bismarc Post author

    Masereka, unfortunately the only means of submitting these documents is in person.

  109. bismarc Post author

    No Peter, this indicates that it wasnt necessary in your scenario ( if you followed the guidelines ).

  110. olanya thomas

    Will both private and government diploma lists be release at the same time

  111. bismarc Post author

    Lilian, you will have to await the next government admissions / Intakes.

  112. bismarc Post author

    It is likely Thomas , but we cant be very certain of that for now.

  113. bismarc Post author

    You can reach the Registrar on the following Lines
    Located East End Administration Block, 2nd Floor Kyambogo Uganda
    0414 – 285 037
    0414 – 285 037

  114. Nankunda Gilbert

    mr. Bismarc . I would like to know how to acquire loan scheme.

  115. bismarc Post author

    Gilbert , simply apply for government sponsorship in the process of application. So you can await the next government intake.

  116. Nankunda Gilbert

    ouke ..When are private admissions to be released

  117. Nankunda Gilbert

    ouke ..When are private admissions to be released?

  118. bismarc Post author

    Private Admissions are expected to be released early this month.

  119. Serwanaja Hope

    Uhm mr.Bismarc is it possible to change a course when the admission lists for private students is out incase you are not given yo best desired choice.

  120. nankunda gilbert

    Mr .Bismarc .. Where can i get onfo about loan scheme + ts applications

  121. david

    do u offer higher diploma in mechanical eng

  122. Amanya Innocent

    Sir can t be possible fo one to go n pick ma admissions is it gud or a shd go thr n pick them ma self
    And wil a be able to access fees structure

  123. bismarc Post author

    Innocent, it is allowed to have another person pick your admission letter for you. Details of the fees structure for the given course shall be provided.

  124. bismarc Post author

    The Kyambogo University Admission List is expected early this month.

  125. bismarc Post author

    Hope, if you desire to change a course then the target course you will like to read must be very similar to the original course. This is because the requirements for each course varies.

  126. bismarc Post author

    Yes David, a diploma in mechanical engineering is available.

  127. oyawo james

    cld u plz send mi o write mi dat email thank

  128. bismarc Post author

    Patrick, the Admission list was to be released earlier last month. However it is expected within this month due to delays.

  129. bismarc Post author

    The Kyambogo University Private Admission List are expected early this month.


    Lets us hope that the release of private admissions list will not proceed up to 15-20th of july.Thanx

  131. Nahurira Jim

    Hullo Sir, I Would Like To Know If The Admission Forms For Govt Students Are Out And What Is Required When Picking Them.


    when will admission list for diploma entry kyu released and will notify me

  133. Patrick

    Are they goin to update us wen the admission list is released? is through email or facebook

  134. Bwire Frederick

    Mr when is the adimision list of 2016-2017 b released

  135. Nahurira Jim

    If I Come For My Admission Can I Get It? Because I Was Admited By Govt. Inform Me On What Is Required When Picking The Admission Form.

  136. monica

    when is the diploma scheme government sponsorship likely to be released?

  137. Agaba

    Am Warried Mr Bismark
    When Are Admision List Be Out And How Shall We Be Updated On Such

  138. Kirigoola derrick

    hello is it true that the diploma admissions are out for engineering courses??

  139. bismarc Post author

    Derrick we havent received any official confirmation of this from kyambogo University. You can give the source for verification.

  140. bismarc Post author

    Yes Jim, you can pick your admission letter, and there are no costs involved in picking the letter.

  141. bismarc Post author

    Bwire, the Kyambogo University Private Admission List is expected within this month of July.

  142. bismarc Post author

    Agaba, the Kyambogo University Private Admission List are expected to be released with this month of July. We shall notify you via email.

  143. bismarc Post author

    Rogers, Admission list for Diploma entry is expected to be released this month. You shall receive a notification from UGFacts.

  144. bismarc Post author

    Ben, the Government Admission forms havent been officially released online. However you can verify from the registrars office. An amount of 50,000 UGS is required.

  145. miiro

    We re waiting vein 4 the admission list, but on picking them what re the required doccuments.


    Mr.Bismarc what ar de academic registra of KYAMBOGO UNIVERSITY gonna do 4 those whose names are appeared among students who ar applied with wrong missing information to kyambogo.thanx

  147. Kabaale Derrick

    Am Kabaale Derrick Mr Bismarc, i applied for a ordinary diploma in electrical Engineering when is the admission list out. Thank u

  148. Kabaale Derrick

    Mr, Bismarc, am Kabaale Derrick i applied for a oriidinary diploma when is the admission list out

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