2018 – 2019 Kyambogo University Private Admissions

By | May 10, 2016

2018 – 2019 Kyambogo University Private Admissions

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Kyambogo University Private Admissions 2018 – 2019

Kyambogo University Private Admissions 2017 – 2018

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157 thoughts on “2018 – 2019 Kyambogo University Private Admissions

  1. edechu

    i have been trying to apply online but in vein what is happening?

  2. bismarc Post author

    The University is currently facing technical issues due to a system overload. It shall be resolved shortly, keep trying.

  3. Amutuhaire Shallon

    I never received my email yet i paid my money and also google does not recognise the email i used while signing in.

  4. bismarc Post author

    Deadline was on 5th June 2016. Subscribe to our free email notification to stay updated.

  5. bismarc Post author

    Admissions are expected between the periods of June – July


    When are the deadline for diploma inservice application

  7. angoku dianah

    i submitted online application but did not pay.can i go ahead to pay now or its late

  8. bismarc Post author

    The deadline was on 5th June, and applications are processed provided payments are made. it is advised that you save the money for another try.

  9. turinawe steven

    When are going to pick our adimission letter

  10. bismarc Post author

    The admission letters shall be available following the release of the private admission lists.

  11. idrifua D Stephen

    I Idrifua D Stephen had a problem of my name in the application form which put as Idrifua Steven by a helper in cave but payment was done will I be admitted pending corrections

  12. bismarc Post author

    Yes stephen, this wont affect affect your chances of gaining admission.

  13. bwambale moses

    when are admissions for undergraduate private students out? i want to apply for the loan scheme

  14. bismarc Post author

    The admission Lists is expected between the periods of June – July.

  15. baluku uriah

    when is the admission list for diploma mature entry getting out

  16. philip

    Should we expect another advert for private admissions?

  17. bismarc Post author

    Baluku, the admission list is expected between the periods of june – july

  18. bismarc Post author

    Philip, a readvert is currently unlikely. However we shall notify the public concerning any new developments.

  19. Otim Tyson

    i would like to know when the admission list will be out becauase am not being updated on my email

  20. bismarc Post author

    Tyson, you will receive a notification only if the admission list gets released. We do not want to clog your account with information of lesser priority.

  21. mutesi peace

    I hear there are lists of students being put up that were missing some requirements when applying…… can they be displayed on the website because we need to see those names

  22. chemutai sandra

    can i apply now and suceed or they no longer take

  23. simon peter

    when are the admission lists coming out please

  24. nambi fatuma

    Is the admission list for private sponsership out

  25. nambi fatuma

    Is the admission list of private sponsership out.

  26. bismarc Post author

    No Nambi, the list hasnt been released.

  27. bismarc Post author

    Sandra,admissions are currently closed. You will have to await the next intake.

  28. bismarc Post author

    Peter, the list are expected between this month and early july.

  29. Okwi Samson

    Is the list 4 private admissions 2016/2017 out?

  30. bismarc Post author

    Yes Samson, unfortunately admissions for the 2016 / 2017 private admissions are currently closed.


    are the names shortlisted already out?

  32. bismarc Post author

    No Jack, the Kyambogo University Private Admission List hasnt been released yet. We however expect the list soon.

  33. Nakitandwe Lilian

    what can i do incase i want to study under the government loan scheme?

  34. Atuhairwe urban

    is the private diploma admission list out yet?

  35. Elo Wolfgang

    Can you provide me with a link to view the private admission lists for the 2016/17 intakes?!.

  36. Akampurira babra

    I applied for DITTE,have they shortlisted please inform me

  37. Mwesigwa joy

    I got a govt sponsorship but i dnt know when am expected to pick my admission letter, please help me out

  38. bismarc Post author

    Mwesigwa, the admission letters are almost readily available following the release of shortlisted students. Simply visit the registrars office for your admission letter.

  39. bismarc Post author

    Babra, The Kyambogo University Private Admission List hasnt been released. We shall notify you upon release.

  40. bismarc Post author

    No Urban, the Kyambogo Private Diploma List aint out yet.

  41. bismarc Post author

    Wolfgang the Kyambogo University Private Admission List is still not out.

  42. Asiimwe hilary

    Is the govt admision list for those who aplied as diproma entry scheam out or not.and What about private admisions

  43. bismarc Post author

    Hilary , both lists are still not out.

  44. atukwatse eunice

    when are those students who were admitted on govt sponsorship supposed to pick their admission letters?

  45. bismarc Post author

    Eunice, government students can pick their admission letters following the release of the admission lists.

  46. otto sunday

    When can we expect admission list for private student.

  47. bismarc Post author

    Sunday, the Kyambogo University Private Admission List can be expected within his month of July.


    please when are you going to release the private admission list , we are now tired of waiting


    When is the private admission list goin to be released?

  50. Ariko David

    Mr.Bismarc,immediately after the release of lists will have admission forms become ready?

  51. okwii sulaiman

    i got da admission letter n 2015/16 ɓt i failed to register wid da university ɗue to tuition en i didnt aply for dead year do i hav a chance of registering again with da university ? anɗ has da list of 2016/17 come out

  52. sylvia

    I want to apply for a certificate in computer science and pay all tution for both certificate and diploma and other requirements for the next intakes is it possible for me or I try else wea

  53. UGFacts Post author

    Sylva, you may enroll in one program at a time. Meaning you cannot enroll for a diploma and certificate program at the same time.

  54. francis

    I have a national diploma in med. lab technology, is it posible to do a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at kyambogo university

  55. Okpwoku Raphael Ballu

    When is Diploma Scheme Admission application for Bachelor in Primary Education 2017/2018 academic year?

  56. UGFacts Post author

    Ballu, Kyambogo University will commence its diploma Admissions within the second quarter of the 2017 / 2018 academic year. Between the April to July

  57. Twinamatsiko Micheal

    Is there weekend program for bachelors in building and civil engineering

  58. Naboto samuel

    when are they starting to apply for 2017 intake

  59. UGFacts Post author

    KYU is yet to published any fixed dates. Kindly check back

  60. Hakim katende

    When are we starting to apply for the next intake

  61. UGFacts Post author

    Katende, the next private intake shall be February – March 2018 – 2019

  62. Akatuhwera Suzan

    When will diploma admissions be realesed?

  63. Beinomugisha Amson

    Do I qualify to apply for bachelor of business studies with education if I have adiploma in cooperatives and business administration

  64. Beinomugisha Amson

    Do I qualify to apply for bachelor of business studies with education if I have adiploma in cooperatives and business administration

  65. UGFacts Post author

    Yes Amson, you are qualified.

  66. keya james

    when are applications for 2017/2018 going to be open….

  67. UGFacts Post author

    James , Undergraduate Applications for 2017 – 2018 are to commence by May – Early June

  68. Twinamatsiko Micheal

    How do I apply for weekend program for bachelors degree in civil engineering


    i have been trying to apply only, But that part of entering O Level subjects and grades including subject combinations was inactive, why?


    Sorry i mean on-line application process was not successful because of some inactive parts in the application form, please help!!!

  71. UGFacts Post author

    Etoku, errors are sometimes encountered during the online application. Simply refresh the page and try again. If it persists, restart your browser.

  72. Nakayenga

    Hallo when are the admission lists for 2017-2018 released?????

  73. UGFacts Post author

    Nakayenga, the KYU Private Sponsorship Admission List for 2017 – 2018 is expected between June – July

  74. Masereka Brian

    i applied online but they did not ask me for a level results except for the way index number and year of a level and a level school while those for a level they asked and I filled them, am I in the right path

  75. UGFacts Post author

    Yes Brian. It is however advised that you scan and upload your results during the application procedure.

  76. prisca Nabulobi

    what if I apply today for admission, is there chance of being admitted in case a student fails to join after admission,can I take up a replacement

  77. UGFacts Post author

    Prisca. in order to verify your chances of late admissions you will have to contact the admissions office.


    my email that I used jammed after me applying.
    how do I expect to get updates


    l already applied but the email and the password don’t match yet you were the one who gave me the email and password even if l try to check the phone number, it doesn’t match with my number,what happened and what should l do?


    please answer me because l paid my money in dfcu bank and received a message that l have paid for the admission form but what happened to my email?

  81. UGFacts Post author

    Peter, this is a common problem, and your application has been received, and is being processed.

  82. UGFacts Post author

    Lawrence, the private admission list will be out within June to early July

  83. UGFacts Post author

    Gloria, you can change your application info by calling the admissions office.

  84. habibah

    i applied but i have not paid yet can i still pay after the deadline given to us

  85. UGFacts Post author

    Habibah, your application will be rejected without the application fee.

  86. christian

    thanks for the services, would u please inform me when the list will be out for us who applied onlined at kyambogo on private- please answer me coz i need to be updated. thanks ugfacts

  87. Beinomugisha Amson

    Can some one who completed his /her diploma in June 2016 be able to apply for goverment sponsorship under diploma entry scheme in 2019

  88. palanda edmond

    are government Admission letters out already?..and for God’s sake where can I view the govenrmnet list for kyambogo online?..I dont know what’s wrong with this university..there website so poor..they can’t maintain it.

  89. UGFacts.com Post author

    Christian, the KYU Private admission list for 2017 – 2018 is expected within this month of July, and will be published here when available. Check back periodically for updates.

  90. UGFacts.com Post author

    Edmond, the KYU government admission letters are available at the admissions office. The government admission list is still not available online.

  91. Mugabi (vocational Studies "art And Industrial Design")

    I Want To Know The Date At Which We Should Expect Our Names Out.Thanks

  92. UGFacts.com Post author

    Mugabi, an exact date cannot be specified for the Kyambogo University Private admission lIsts. The list is however expected in July

  93. Mugabi (vocational Studies "art And Industrial Design")

    Which Means Any Time From Now The Lists Are Out?

  94. UGFacts.com Post author

    Yes Mugabi, and the admission list will be published here.

  95. Mugabi (vocational Studies "art And Industrial Design")

    Ok Thanks Ugfacts.Let Us Keep Waiting

  96. Anonymous

    is their achance of aplying incase i visit the admission offices sir

  97. Mugabi (vocational Studies "art And Industrial Design")

    I Had That With In Next Week The Private Admission Will Be Out Is It True?

  98. okello walter

    my phone was off and i never recieved the message of application fee am i safe….Yet i paid

  99. Onema Patrick

    are the certificates for dip in education for the year 2015 out?

  100. ndiwalana moses

    is there any other chance of changing the course bcoz I registered for bachelor’s of economics and statistics and now I want to opt in education??

  101. UGFacts.com Post author

    Moses, there are chances of opting out of a course. Simply visit the registrars office for assistance.

  102. UGFacts.com Post author

    Patrick, kindly contact the KYU Admissions office for details.

  103. UGFacts.com Post author

    Yes Okello, your application will not be affected in anyway.

  104. UGFacts.com Post author

    Yes Mugabi, this is very much likely.

  105. UGFacts.com Post author

    Kyambogo University is currently closed for admissions. But you can visit the admissions office for any details on vacant spaces.

  106. Okello Walter

    is there anyother chance for application for degree program in academic year 2017/2018????? eg Bsc.Science with education..

  107. Mugabi (vocational Studies "art And Industrial Design")

    Ugfacts Are The Private Admission Lists Out?

  108. UGFacts.com Post author

    Okello, the exact date for the release of KYU Admissions List cannot be determined, however the list is expected within this month of July.

  109. UGFacts.com Post author

    Mugabi, not yet, the KYU Private Admission List is yet to be released.

  110. UGFacts.com Post author

    No Evans, KYU has closed its 2017 – 2018 admissions, and is yet to announce a readvertisement.

  111. Mugabi(vocational Studies"art And Industrial Design")

    Ok Thanks.But We Are Iggerly Waiting Those Lists Out

  112. Mugabi (vocational Studies "art And Industrial Design")

    Gulu Has Released Its Private Lists.And Now We Are Waiting For Our Great Kyambogo To Release Too

  113. Mungungeyo Harold

    I applied online and paid in dfcu and didn’t receive any notification what could have happened?

  114. Lukeke Brian

    we want to apply 4 the loan scheme
    but where the addmission list 4 undergraduates

  115. Mungungeyo Harold

    I applied online nd never received the notification after payment could there be a problem

  116. UGFacts.com Post author

    No Harold, there is no problem, your application was received and is being processed.

  117. UGFacts.com Post author

    Brian, the KYU Private Admission list will be released shortly, kindly check back.

  118. UGFacts.com Post author

    Harold, your application was received.

  119. Mugabi(vocational Studies"art And Industrial Design")

    Our Hearts Are Up! Iggerly Waiting For The Lists Out.Will Publish The Lists Here?

  120. mbowa faizal

    when is the release of private admission list am stressed

  121. labeja Mu=ichael

    May I know if the list for 2017/2018 admission is out for privet students

  122. Mugabi(vocational Studies"art And Industrial Design")

    Ugfact Our Hearts Are Up.Iggerly Waiting For The Lists Out

  123. UGFacts.com Post author

    Mugabi,the KYU Private Admission List for 2017 – 2018 has been released.

  124. UGFacts.com Post author

    Faizal, the KYU Private Admission List for 2017 – 2018 has been released.

  125. UGFacts.com Post author

    Yes Mugabi, the KYU Private Admission list has been released and is available here.

  126. UGFacts.com Post author

    Labeja, the KYU Private Admission List for 2017 – 2018 has been released.

  127. Mafabi Musa

    I apply online.. not sure if it was received???.
    when admission will be out??

  128. Elimu James

    When is the deadline for picking admission

  129. Mugabi

    When Should We Expect The Admission Letters Out?

  130. UGFacts.com Post author

    Mugabi, the date for picking up of Admission letters will be communicated to the public soon.

  131. UGFacts.com Post author

    James, dates for collection of admission letters are yet to be communicated.

  132. UGFacts.com Post author

    Dates will be communicated soon.


    Hello. I would like to know if the admission list for Diploma entrants is out. Thank you

  134. nsadha bruno

    Is their any hope that I can be helped get an admission now?
    I missed the cat but need to join so is their hope as some people may fail to report for studies or its until next intake?
    Please keep me informed coz I really need to know…..thnx

  135. UGFacts.com Post author

    Bruno, there is currently no way of reapply now to KYU. You will have to wait for a re-advertisement if any will be announced. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next intake, which is in 2018 – 2019

  136. UGFacts.com Post author

    No Penlope, the KYU Diploma entry admission list is yet to be released, you are however encouraed to check with the KYU notice board.

  137. francis

    i applied for an appeal of admission on diploma scheme 2017-2018 for EME3, are results out or
    how do i access a list of appeal for reconsideration in admission

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