Kyambogo University Undergraduate Admissions 2017 / 2018

By | April 4, 2016

Kyambogo University Undergraduate Admissions 2017 / 2018

The Academic Registrar, Kyambogo University, invites applications for private admission to the following programmes for the 2017/2018 Academic Year.  Detailed weighting criteria and fees structure can be accessed on the website or Applicants should fill the forms online from the website:  On submitting the form, print out a payslip and pay a non-refundable fee of Shs.50,000/=(Nationals from the Republics of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan) and $30 (Other Nationals) plus whatever bank charges that are levied by each bank integrated with our system namely:  Dfcu Bank, Eco Bank and Stanbic Bank.  Applicants with qualifications from countries other than Uganda must submit photocopies of equated academic documents from UNEB to the Admissions Office, Room 1 on submission of the online application form and not later than the closing date for receiving applications.The Deadline for receiving application forms is Friday 16th  June  2017 by 12.00am (Mid night).

N.B.   Applicants who may find difficulties filling the online form can receive help strictly at the University’s Admissions Office Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 & 16, ICT Office and Computer Centre for free.

General Admission Requirements

A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to a first degree programme at the University if he/she has:

(i) The Ugandan Certificate of Education (O’Level) with a minimum of 5 passes obtained at the same sitting, and

(ii) At least 2 Principal Passes in approved subjects obtained at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination (A’Level).

A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to any diploma programme at the University if he/she has:

(i) The Ugandan Certificate of Education with a minimum of 5 Passes obtained at the same sitting, and

(ii)  At least 1 principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes in approved principal subjects at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination (A’Level).

Exceptions to the above general admission requirements are spelt out in the Weighting Criteria.

Please be aware of conmen,  University Dues are paid only in the bank. 

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100 thoughts on “Kyambogo University Undergraduate Admissions 2017 / 2018

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    Please! what are the requirements for mature entry? Thanx

  4. bismarc Post author

    To be eligible for the Mature Age entry, you must be at least 25 years old during the year of application.

  5. makowe consitantine

    will those students who applied recieve messages on their phones when the admission forms are released.

  6. bismarc Post author

    Yes Makowe, you shall receive email notifications from us once the Kyambogo University Private Admission are released.

  7. opio quinto

    iam called quinto opio , am hearing aromous that they r to implement weekend programme in kyambogo on the faculty of engineering z it true?

  8. opio quinto

    any update on weekend programme academic intake 2017/2018

  9. UGFacts Post author

    opio, kyambogo University Shall commence its 2017 / 2018 intake in mid 2017. Kindly stay tuned for updates.

  10. UGFacts Post author

    Opio, Kyambogo Hasnt publicly announced this yet. You can contact the registrar directly for more details

    0414 – 285 037

    0414 – 285 037

  11. Agnes

    When is the deadline of submission of undergraduate applications

  12. UGFacts Post author

    Agnes, Kyambogo university commences its undergraduate admissions within the periods of May – June. At which time the deadline for intakes shall be stipulated.

  13. edechu

    i completed diploma in primary education in 2016 can i also apply for a degree in teacher education and wen shd i apply?

  14. UGFacts Post author

    Yes Edechu you can. Application starts within the periods of May _ July 2017

  15. paul

    I finished up my Advanced Certificate in Electrical Installation and I what to apply for a diploma at Kyu 2017, when should I apply

  16. Anonymous

    When are we going to start apply for upgrading from diploma to bachelors


    When Is The Certificate/diploma Entry Scheme Starting For Application For Academic Year 2017/2018

  18. UGFacts Post author

    Caleb, KYU shall commence its 2017 / 2018 admissions within the second quarter of the year. We shall publish any further developments.

  19. Mugisha Richard

    If my child has a diploma in education secondary and I need him to study bachelors degree Odel programme when can he apply?

  20. Mugisha Richard

    When are you advertising for the ODEL Programme?

  21. UGFacts Post author

    Richard, KYU is yet to commence its advertisements for the 2017 / 2018 academic year. the admissions are to commence within the second quarter of 2017. Kindly check back for specific dates and updates.

  22. UGFacts Post author

    KYU shall begin its 2017 / 2018 admissions within the second quarter of the year. Application forms shall be available in March

  23. UGFacts Post author

    Paul, Application forms shall be available start later part of february. The forms shall be available here for download. kindly check back

  24. Menya Abu

    When is the weekend program beginning for Bacholers building and civil Engineering beginning the fees structure/

  25. mwesigwa caroline

    Thanks for replying to our questions.

  26. mwesigwa caroline

    I would like to join for mass communication, any details pliz.

  27. UGFacts Post author

    We are here to serve Caroline.And you are welcome.


    When is the deadline for applying for 2017/18 intake for under graduate?

  29. UGFacts Post author

    Richard, KYU is yet to announce the commencement of its Undergraduate Admissions for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

  30. haron

    When you apply online do you again have to take your result slip to the University

  31. UGFacts Post author

    No Haron, simply scan or take CLEAR photographs of your result slips and upload them during application.

  32. junior

    Does kyu take hand written applications or it is strictly online and does the University have a place where people can apply online and be guided by someone

  33. UGFacts Post author

    KYU intends on discontinuing hand written applications, although it hasnt been fully abandoned. KYU has a very comprehensive online application portal and provides guidelines along each step of the procedure.

  34. Mchana

    Hi, I am a from Tanzanian, awarded Full Technician Certificate (FTC) in Highway Engineering. I worked for region Tanzania Road agency (TANROADS) for 8 years as a Material Laboratory In-charge and currently teaching at Technical College since the past three years. I planned to apply for Bachelor degree program in Civil Engineering. please, would it be possible to send me the requirements, to find out if I am qualifying for admission at your institution? Apart from age what is the other criteria to join the mentioned course.
    Many thanks for your response

  35. UGFacts Post author

    Mchana aside the age requirement, you will need to be a diploma holder in order to be eligible for a bachelors degree. Kindly contact the Academic Registrar on 0414 – 285 037

  36. Etiang Joseph

    my name is Joseph, what’s the difference btn government sponsorship and private sponsorship. help coz I don’t knw. love kyu

  37. aaron

    Have you guys started receiving applications for undergraduate 2017/2018

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  39. sempijja richard

    when is the deadline for the 2017/2018 intake

  40. UGFacts Post author

    Application deadline in 16th June 2017

  41. David sports

    hello Kyambogo Administrators, i want post graduate in sports and leisure management or physical education. i did barchelor of Arts social science- development studies. please advice me.

  42. David sports

    Help please
    i want physical education or sports and leisure management.


    hi am Arinda Benjamin I applied thru direct entry BT I see my application still pending should I think applications are still in process or you will send me a message on my account

  44. UGFacts Post author

    Benjamin, your application is being processed

  45. UGFacts Post author

    David, KYU currently offers Masters of Science is Sports Science, PhD in Sports Science, and Postgraduate Diplomas in physical education and sports.
    For Masters in Sports Science you will need : Second class degree in Sports Science, Physical Education or any other related field from a recognized
    For Postgraduate Diplomas in physical education and sports you will need Second class degree in field of study related to Secondary
    Education attachment to Secondary Schools as a Nonqualified Physical Education and Sports teacher pre- requisite.
    For Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management you will need Second class degree in related field suitable for Career Development in Sports Management related field

  46. Ken

    I would like to consult wether if I got a second class lower in ODAE and I want to go for bachelor in any other engineering course. Can they give me civil, electrical mechanical or any other and how many years do I study

  47. UGFacts Post author

    Ken, you will have to consult the weighting criteria for specific requirements

  48. Anonymous

    wat if i apply 2morro will i be accepted 4 da intake pliz

  49. Post author

    Kyambogo University has closed its 2017 – 2018 intakes

  50. Kayemba Joseph

    When will the short list for the 2017/2018 intake be out?
    And how will those applied get to know?
    Thank you KYU

  51. Post author

    Joseph, the list is expected within early July. Applicants must periodically check this website for the list.

  52. Oola vincent

    I need you help plz,I applied for higher diploma in civil engineering, but i lost the passward for the email I used for registration, is their any way you will help me to be notified about my registration apart from mail I used. NB:the one I used for this comment is the current email i am using in case.

  53. palanda edmond government admission letters for kyambogo out

  54. Post author

    Yes Edmund, you can pick your admission letter at the admissions office.

  55. Post author

    Vincent, contact the admissions office, your application details will be updated with your new email.

  56. Anonymous

    Are the admission lists for private sponsorship out for kyambogo

  57. charlotte

    Hello,when will the diploma holders government admission list 2017/2018 be out?

  58. Post author

    Charlotte, the KYU Diploma Holder government admission list is expected within this month of July. Kindly Check back

  59. Post author

    The Kyambogo University Private Admission lIst is yet to be released. Kindly check back

  60. Post author

    Jimmy, the KYU Admission List is expected within the month of July.


    when shall the admission list be released academic year 2017/18

  62. Kasajja Andrew Kizza

    I applied at acertain public university and i did not get the email varifing that my application detailz hve been recieved,what can i do?

  63. Post author

    Kizza, this is a common problem faced by most applicants, and will not affect your application. Your application was received.

  64. Post author

    Onesmas, the Kyambogo University Private Admission list is expected soon within this month of July. Kindly check back.

  65. othieno joseph

    when is the shortlist for diploma entry gonna be released

  66. mbowa faizal

    why is online application system is not working

  67. areebahoo anthoney

    are the admission for private sponsership out

  68. Post author

    KYU Private Admission List for 2017 – 2018 will be released in July, kindly check back.

  69. Post author

    faizal, this is because KYU has closed its 2017 – 2018 admissions.

  70. Post author

    Joseph, the KYU Diploma entry admission list is expected soon within this month. Kindly check back

  71. Doreen Natamba

    Is the admission list for diploma entry out? if yes, I would wish to have a look.

  72. Musiimenta Assumputah

    Musiimenta Assumputah, I applied private en up to now I hav not yet got feed back through mi email

  73. chelimo rebecca

    my email address does not apper what can do to access my information, besides can i open another and will it work?

  74. Post author

    Musiimenta, you application was received.

  75. Post author

    Matamba,KYU Diploma Entry Admission list is yet to be released. Check back. KYU has however released its private admission list for 2017 – 2018

  76. Post author

    Rebecca, you will have to contact the admissions office as soon as possible.

  77. felix

    can someone still apply now after the release of the admittion list in short do they do re-application for us who never got the chance to apply in june.

  78. nunson

    can someone like me who never got the chance to apply in june still have any chance to apply now after the release of the admission list?

  79. felix

    does kymbogo also has the system of re-applying where those who applied and didn’t succeed can apply again together with those who didn’t have the chance to apply in june

  80. Post author

    Felix, candidates who do not gain admission on a first attempt are eligible to re-apply.

  81. Post author

    No Nunson, KYU has closed its admissions for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.Details for the 2018 – 2019 admissions will be published soon, check back.

  82. Post author

    No Felix, applicants will have to wait for the KYU Admissions for 2018 – 2019.

  83. Paul Abramz

    Am Paul, when is the admission list for Diploma/Certificate entry be out. it seems like you guys u’re forgetting us nga ate we were the fist to apply #mukintukino.
    we’ve really waited for so long banange.

  84. Post author

    Paul, the KYU Diploma entry admission list for 2017 – 2018 will be released within this month. Kindly check back

  85. David Victor

    Kyu students are to report this saturday 5th-aug-2017

  86. Kihumuro Moris

    when is the admission List for those Who applied for bachelors using using their diploma papiers being released ?

  87. Post author

    No Moris, KYU is yet to release its diploma entry admission list. You are also encouraged to check the KYU Notice Board.

  88. yokana

    Am Yokana who graduated with 2nd upper DSNEE in 2007. Been applying for an under graduate admission on both private and government 3 consecutive years without success. What is wrong or happening?


    When do we pick the Admission letters for the diploma entry because the lists are out?

  90. Post author

    Yes Angel, the KYU Diploma Entry Admission List is out. The day for picking up admission letters will be communicated to the public. You may also contact the admissions office for assistance.

  91. Post author

    Yokana, this may be happening because the courses you are seeking to gain admission into are highly competitive. Students are required to evaluate their performance against the competitiveness of a course before applying. In most cases, meeting the minimum entry requirements alone does not guarantee success.

  92. Okalang David

    I applied for ODeL program (BED 2017/2018) intake). Any update please.

  93. Ongom Dickson

    I am doing a certificate in information technology. can I be in position to Kyu in feb. for diploma. if so wat r de rquimnts and for how long will the diploma run.

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